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Tam-tam and Gong

Tam tam mallets


fsg-allFS Tam tam mallets are produced in three weight categories:

FSG 1 – weight 185 grams, head diameter 105 mm, length 38 cm and shaft width 20 mm.

FSG 2 – weight 300 grams, head diameter 125 mm, length 39 cm and shaft width 20 mm.

FSG 3 – the weight of 400 grams, head diameter 150mm length 39 cm and shaft width 22 mm.


fsgThe core

The core of the mallet is nylon disc coated with coarse felt. Everything is sewed up with a layer of fleece, for velvet rising of the sound of tam tam in low dynamics and crescendo with smooth gradation. Beech or maple ergonomic shaft extends to the end and is finished with matt polyurethane lacquer.



Chromatic set of gongs always requires a deliberate choice of mallets due to the difficulty of producing high-quality sound from too small, to large instruments with one type of mallets. Where the abilities of marimba construction ones ends, there we will serve well the FSG1 mallet or variant of shortened and lightened version of hard leather mallet on the bass drum C3 can be maked.