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Snare drum




FS concert drumsticks for orchestral snare drum are made in two types from hard exotic wood Massaranduba. Hand-selected cuts are formated into smaller prisms and do they wander to process of precision CNC turning machining. Cut blanks are packed according to the pecies wood from which were made and from these packages are then manually weight matched, pitch paired, sand brushed and black oil lacquer finished.



Model FSD1

15 mm in diameter, length is 40 cm. Diameter of rounded head is 11 mm for both models. This lighter version (usually around 65 g / pc), by the tapering profile have ballance point in the back of the stick and serves as a universal right sticks for complex rudimental figures.


fsd-2Model FSD2

16 mm diameter are, however, balanced toward to center area of stick, weight around 80 g / piece. Stick has a good response abbility to the snares, even in low dynamic perfections. Good also for practise on rubber pads. Finished in dark oil paint in several layers. After the handmade rubbing sticks get dark brown tint with red shade and natural wood feeling while holding.


fs-shakerovkyShaker drumsticks

Alternative Shaker sticks are 36 cm long and have a 2 cm in diameter. The base is resistant dural tube, used in aircraft modeling. One end is a plastic (PVC), other one wrapped in brushed leather cut to play on the timpani heads, cymbals, etc. Sticks are filled with tiny beads of hepatit, which shakes according to add or remove possibility. These ones are suitable for alternative ways of play in all kinds of percussion instruments such as Drum set, multipercussion or in orchestral playing (passages from West Side Story).